Hey everyone my name is Richard and I started ichie. ichie really started as a passion project for me as a way to get my friends and my art into people's hands. That was the dream. It was always about help promote art and artists to the masses, and always will be about that.

It started in 2013, me and some friends created some art, put it on T-shirts. From there we went on to selling different designs, and models. But eventually real life hit. Some got jobs, school, and we went our separate ways. I even took a break, but I'm back. What you're seeing is the current evolution of ichie, but it won't be the last. 

At the moment of writing we are focusing not only on producing our own clothing, but to re-sell shoes and other streetwear items. I've always had a fascination and an appreciation of streetwear, especially brands such as Nike, Supreme, LRG, and local Toronto brands such as NOZO, Legends League, PLD Collective, and Kollar.

These brands are what inspire a lot of my designs, and influence me as a graphic designer.

To me streetwear is not just a brand, it's a movement of the mass. You'd be surprised how streetwear was viewed in 2013, mostly being dismissed by top luxury brands. Now their collaborating with Supreme lol. To me streetwear is these guys who went and did it themselves, and made a mark in the world.

Lots of time has passed since 2013, fashion has changed multiple times, and even streetwear may come to an end. But the ideas will always be there. Life and art never stay the same, there will always be changes. But there will always be artists and art. There will always be movers, and shakers, the established and the unestablished. That will never change.

I appreciate you coming on the journey, and I hope you can come a long too. Not just as a customer at ichie, but that you also get inspired to make your own mark in the world, to express yourself in this lifetime.